Support and Participate

Update: The Walk for the Ancestors reached its final destination on November 7th, 2015.

We, the walkers and supporters, would like to hear from you—what are next steps for this movement? How can we make the changes that are needed? What do you have to contribute? What initiatives or actions are you taking that we may be able to support? — Contact us: walkfortheancestors [at] or clhollandn3 [at]

  • Join us in prayer as we arrive at each Mission, stand together, and visit the mass graves of our people. Wear red in solidarity.
  • Walk with us as we journey southward, or offer to drive a support vehicle for a segment of the walk.
  • Support the walkers by offering lodging, meals, and gifts to sustain them on this long and difficult journey.
  • Donate funds to help cover the expenses of carrying forth this two-month long journey. Donate here
  • Become a regional coordinator and help assemble a large circle of community to receive and join the walkers upon arrival at the Mission closest to you. Help the walkers to find the best walking route and help ensure that their needs are met.
  • Talk to friends and foes about the true history of the California Mission system and stand with us in denouncing the canonization of Junipero Serra.
  • Spread the word about this walk! Invite others to join and support.


Sign up here:

Click here to fill out a simple form letting us know how you’d like to be involved, and a walk coordinator will be in touch with you soon!