Solano, CA—Mission #21—We’re on our way

Solano, CA—Mission #21—We’re on our way

Today, with a small but strong circle of 10 people, the Walk began. Before gathering to share words and prayers, we stood before three large marble plaques on which are inscribed hundreds of Spanish names, given to baptized Indians who perished in the Solano Mission. We read each name out loud.

We walked together south from Sonoma, and are currently camped out along the route to San Rafael. Tomorrow, bright and early, we will continue on our way— walking with the ancestors in our hearts.

Things are coming together. Thank you to all who have reached out in support. We are continuing to seek regional coordinators for each area, contacts of local tribal leaders, and people to join us at the Missions and walk with us. Please be aware that today we decided to change the gathering time at each Mission from 10:00am to 7:00am, to give us that many more daylight hours to walk. More updates soon—thanks for reading!

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  1. I have ancestors are from the bay area.