Walk begins Monday—Support Requested!


Caroline Ward Holland and Kagen Holland—seen here on the coast off Santa Cruz, this morning—are on their way up to Sonoma, CA to begin the first leg of their 650 mile pilgrimage in honor of the tens of thousands of California Indian ancestors who suffered and perished in the Mission system. They are eager to begin. We expect this first morning’s gathering to be small— the walk will gather strength and numbers from here on out.

This website and the associated Facebook page will be updated periodically with reports from their journey and announcements of any schedule changes. You can also subscribe to our email list and “like” the Facebook page to stay in the loop.

We have only just begun to get the word out about this momentous journey, and we need your to help us spread the word! We also are asking for support in many forms—please visit our Support and Participate page for more information. Many thanks.