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San Jose & Santa Clara: Encounters with Priests and Presidents

On Monday evening, we reached Mission San Jose after crossing through the wetlands of the South Bay. On the steps of the Mission chapel, we were greeted by a strong group of supporters and indigenous people, including Chochenyo… Read More

San Francisco update— walking the Bay’s edge

Friday, we walked across the Golden Gate and through the concrete and steel edifices of San Francisco, arriving at Mission Dolores to find a group of about 20 people who had come out to join us on less… Read More

“There’s no respect at all for our ancestors. That needs to change.”

Sept. 10 Update: Coast Miwok Territory—San Rafael, CA (Mission #20) to Sausalito, CA Two full days of walking brought us to Mission San Rafael, then over the hills to the waterfront at Sausalito. We came upon Mission San… Read More

Camped near Olompali, schedule changed

Today was a good day of walking, although high temperatures and blisters slowed down our pace. We realized that it would be necessary to adjust the schedule to give us more time for walking between Missions. Thus we’re… Read More

Solano, CA—Mission #21—We’re on our way

Today, with a small but strong circle of 10 people, the Walk began. Before gathering to share words and prayers, we stood before three large marble plaques on which are inscribed hundreds of Spanish names, given to baptized… Read More

Walk begins Monday—Support Requested!

Caroline Ward Holland and Kagen Holland—seen here on the coast off Santa Cruz, this morning—are on their way up to Sonoma, CA to begin the first leg of their 650 mile pilgrimage in honor of the tens of… Read More